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The Plain Truth About Wrinkle Creams For Twenty Year Olds


We have heard and seen a lot of things about wrinkle creams for 20s. With the cosmeceutical business being a billion dollar industry, it is not much of a wonder why companies can afford to pay A-lister celebrities to promote their products and make more sales.

Generally speaking, wrinkle creams promise a lot of great things like promoting collagen production, stopping the skin’s aging clock and transforming the appearance of wrinkled skin. But in reality, the only promise that every wrinkle cream seems to hold true is its ability to moisturize the skin. And all the rest has a big question mark attached at the end.

Even the leading wrinkle creams can offer a great under eye and moisturizing effect thus making the skin appear healthy and supple. So if you are paying hundreds of dollars for a wrinkle cream that promises to do more, you need to be wary first because you could be paying more for a product which only gives very little benefits to your skin.

Efficacy of Wrinkle Creams For Young Women

The products that you can buy over the counter may not be able to guarantee effectiveness. Therefore, it is hard to say which products can truly deliver the promises that they make. But for most wrinkle creams, any product that has passed FDA can give an assurance of safety but not on its effectiveness. In general, the FDA is only strict in testing product effectiveness when it is classified as a drug. Creams and lotions belong to the category of cosmetics so they do not have to prove how effective they are in order to get FDA approval.

What Dermatologist Have to Say About Wrinkle Creams

According to dermatologists, wrinkle creams for twenty's are actually harmless to your skin. But it could cause a hole in your pocket if you will believe the promises of products with expensive price tags. You may enjoy a certain product if you like its results but never expect it to be able to transform your skin back to what it was like 10 years ago.

A cheap moisturizer can offer the same results of a wrinkle cream that costs ten times more. Even the most popular brand names of similar products in the market have the tendency to under deliver what they have promised in their commercials.

In point of fact, companies that manufacture wrinkle creams seldom publish studies that can prove the effectiveness of their products. What they often look into are possible side effects like skin irritation as this would be a big drawback to FDA approval. There may be individual studies on the anti-aging elements present in the bottle but not all the ingredients in the package. They tend to employ the expression proprietary information whenever asked to prove the functionality of each ingredient.

Skin aging is a natural part of life. You can either embrace it gracefully or go to great lengths to battle its presence. Others often resort to surgical procedures but they would still have to face the reality that sagging skin in inevitable in the long run.